My specialty. Hahaha.  #refcake #mango #dessert #sweets #food #foodporn

My specialty. Hahaha. #refcake #mango #dessert #sweets #food #foodporn

  • American Fans:

    Can barely name all the members in One Direction

  • Kpop Fans:

    Can name all the members from at least 10 different groups, can identify them by voice, knows how old they are, knows each persons height in centimeters , and can identify what song was being promoted at that time by just looking at the hairstyle.

  • Jpop Fans:

    Let me tell you about AKB48

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What’s wrong with being Filipino! We got nothing to feel shame about our way of living!

Okaro’s dad

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Do you know where I can buy cheap AKB48 stuffs around Tokyo specially in Ikebukuro, yokohama and akihabara?

And can I visit the AKB48 theater even if I don’t have tickets to watch the show?

Trying to draw anime characters. huhu. It’s hard. #firstTime #frustratedArtist #tryinghard #anime #akb0048 #akb48 #jpop #acchan #drawing #arts #artist

Trying to draw anime characters. huhu. It’s hard. #firstTime #frustratedArtist #tryinghard #anime #akb0048 #akb48 #jpop #acchan #drawing #arts #artist

// Nail Shop Paris.//

I never expected to like this drama this much.


At first, I thought that the plot was usual and the story would be similar to coffee prince. While I was watching the first episodes, I thought that the male manicurist theme and “gumiho story” is lame. But after I finished watching all 10 episodes. I was convinced that this drama has one of the best story concepts.

And what made me fall in love with it more are the twists. I love the fact that I was misleaded into thinking that Alex and Yeo-Joo will end up together. I was really satisfied with the ending, I’m ecstatic that Yeo-Joo ended up with Kay.


Gyuri is well suited for Yeo-Joo’s character. Gyuri is beautiful but I think she’s hotter with boyish looks. Though I keep thinking that she kind of resembles with AKB48’s Iriyama Anna.


And OMG! Thunder is so cute I could die.


My top 5 favorite scenes:

#5 When Jin discovered that Bunny is a girl.

#4  Nail Art COmpetition

#3 When Bunny and Kay become a couple.

#2 The “sexual harassment accusation scene”

#1 The “Punch me” scene

My favorite character:

The guy with no sense of direction, Kay.

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Congratulations!!!! 포미닛 대박 #오늘뭐해1stWin

I love Music, Movies, Food, Nature. I'm a fan of 4minute, AKB48, f(x), 2ne1, Miss A, After School. My bias are: 4minute: JiYoon, AKB48: Akimoto Sayaka, Shimada Haruka f(x):Amber, 2ne1: Dara, Miss A: Min, Afterschool: Nana. I love KPoP/JPop but that doesn't mean I'm any less of a Filipino.